What A Babe Wants: A Valentine’s Day Guide For The Bros

Oh Valentine’s Day, a source of depression for singles everywhere and a source of anxiety for the bro who wants to impress his babe. Well, fear not gentlemen, we’ve made a list of what we really want this Valentine’s Day.

A Nice (But Not Insanely Pricey) Dinner


You can’t go wrong taking your girl for a nice dinner. And you don’t have to spend a million bucks to eat well in this city. Here’s our top recommendations on where we’d LOVE to go on a date for Valentine’s Day,

  1. Brigtsen’s
  2. Maypop
  3. Petit Lion

Hurry up though, places are starting to fill up so make a reservation ASAP!

The Classic Date At The Movies

For the movie loving couple, head to Canal Place and watch a movie while sipping on some cocktails or wine. PSA: She may want not admit it but she will want to watch Fifty Shades Darker. You should indulge her, you may even learn a thing or two about women 😜



Want to get her something nice that won’t break the bank? Head to Kendra Scott on Magazine Street! #ProTip: Show the girls at KSNOLA pics of your Babe and her style and they’ll help you find the perfect gift.

And no, please don’t get us ANYTHING with hearts. PLEASE!

Tacos, Duh


Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year. And what do Babes love about Tuesdays, besides from the fact that we’re a day closer to the weekend? Tacos. Take your Babe on a Taco Tuesday date. #ProTip: Do a Taco Hop and try different tacos at a couple of restaurants. Swoon. 😍😍😍



For the committed couple, why not add a fur-ever friend to the mix? Take your Babe to a local shelter & adopt a pup! But only if you’re truly serious about this (it’s a lot of responsibility).

Not ready for the commitment of adopting a dog? How about a date in which you volunteer at a shelter. We hear Zeus’ Rescues needs a ton of help opening up their second location.

Take Us For Beignets & Café Au Lait


Well duh, Babes LOVE Beignets. If y’all are early birds, grab breakfast at Morning Call before heading to work. If you’d rather snooze till 8am, head to a beignets date at Café Du Monde and then stroll in the French Quarter. There’s always something super romantic about walking through the FQ with your Boo.



Brownies, truffles, chocolate bars you name it; we love it. Get your Babe a box of chocolates or chocolate covered macaroons from Sucré. We can’t say if she’ll share them with you or not. We wouldn’t.

Uber Eats & Chill


It’s a Tuesday after all and we have to go to work in the morning. Schedule an order on Uber Eats, find out what her favorite movie is, or maybe watch an old romantic movie (think black & white). Feeling #extra? Plate it nicely for your babe and it’ll feel like you actually made it! PS: Get $10OFF your order with code BEIGNETBABE10. You’re welcome.

An Artsy Outing

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Head out to City Park and go to The Sculpture Garden. #ProTip: Snap a pic in front of Robert Indiana’s Love Sculpture. #DoitForTheValentinesDayInsta

A Picnic Date At The Fly


Have her take the day off, don’t give her details & take your babe for a picnic for 2 made by you! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be too complicated. Pick up a few cheeses, a baguette, a bottle of wine and something for dessert. Screenshot this checklist to make sure you don’t forget important stuff (like a corkscrew!)

Tickets To A Show


You’re entering Festival Season. Plus, there’s so many new shows coming into town every month. Get her tickets to the theatre, or maybe even Jazz Fest!

We hope this guide helps you plan a fabulous Valentine’s Day and you can even pretend you thought about it all on your own, we won’t tell on you!

Go any additional ideas? Comment or email them so we can add them in!

Happy Valentine’s Day (we hope you get some for all of your effort!)


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