How to Throw a Perfect NOLA St. Patty’s Party

This #ThrowbackThursday, learn about the makings for a St. Patrick’s Day to remember, NOLA style.

As all good New Orleans babes, there’s nothing we get more excited about than a holiday that we can get overly enthusiastic about throwing themed parties and making costumes around!

We never stop letting the good times roll in the Big Easy. So naturally after Mardi Gras came to an end, we immediately began the preparations for what would surely be a St. Patrick’s Day to remember with all of our favorite NOLA babes.

This year St. Patricks’s Day falls on a Thursday so many of the festivities will be held the Saturday before (Sat. March 12). This is our second year living in the Irish Channel area during St. Patty’s, just a short walk away from The Irish Channel St. Patricks Day Club’s Irish Channel Parade, The Parasol’s Block Day Party and Tracey’s Block Party.

What better place to celebrate an Irish holiday than in the area of our city where immigrants from Ireland originally settled? Last year, we decided to throw a St. Patty’s pre-party beginning at 10 a.m. The day of the celebration, friends from all over the city joined us for green Jello shots and our special green-mosas to prepare ourselves for the full-blown Irish Channel madness.

The outfits

First, to get our girls excited, we designed a custom “Irish Channel Babes” T-shirts.

St Patrick's Day NOLA

The green sips

Then we stocked up on sparkling, orange juice, green Jello and green food coloring. Every good hostess knows that with a morning gathering mimosas must be involved, and we couldn’t resist making green Jello shots to get people in the spirit as well! 

St Patricks Day Party NOLA

We used this simple recipe to make 75 jello shots:

4 boxes of lime flavored gelatin

4 cups of boiling water

4 cups of cold vodka

Place the vodka in the freezer a few hours before starting. Boil 4 cups of water and pour over the flavored gelatin, stir for 2 minutes. Pour the 4 cups of cold vodka over the mixture and stir. Pour in plastic condiment containers and refrigerate. We recommend making these at least a day in advance for best results!

St Patrick's Jello Shots

The Pre-Party

New Orleanians LOVE any excuse to put on a costume so we were excited to see the outfits as we prepared for people to arrive at our gathering.

St Paddys in New Orleans
Texas Babe visiting from Austin!
New Orleans St Patrick's Parade
Our very own Leprechaun!
Irish Channel Parade
Irish Channel Babes

Parasol’s and Tracy’s Block Parties

After we ran out of our green breakfast beverages, we headed to Parasol’s to check out the block party before the parade began at 1 p.m. 

New Orleans St Paddys

St Patrick's NOLA Party

The Irish Channel Parade

After a Guinness or two, the gang was finally ready to head to the parade on Magazine St. See the full Irish Channel Parade route here. It’s definitely a perk to have a friend on a float so we took advantage of our friend Joe who rode on the “Burks In Skirts” float and left happy with plenty of goodies and more cabbage then we knew what to do with! (We will leave what happened next up to your imagination;) It’s safe to say, we had our best St. Patrick’s Day yet and we can’t wait for this year!

New Orleans Parade St Patrick's

We are convinced that the Irish Channel is the best place to celebrate a NOLA St. Patty’s and highly recommend the parade and Parasol’s if you have not experienced it before. Share your St. Patty’s stories and pics in the comments!

Visit for more fun surrounding St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans to take place throughout the rest of the week!

Cheers to green beers!

 Babes & Beignets


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