These St. Paddy’s Day Festivities Will Turn You Green With Envy

The Irish Channel and Metairie’s St. Patrick Day parades may have already passed, but the real fun on a New Orleans St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t start until its official date, March 17th. There’s no doubt New Orleans has a deep rooted history with Ireland; there’s even a partof town called the Irish Channel!


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Of course, us New Orleanians find any excuse to party, and this celebration of the Irish is no different. Not only do we temporarily become honorary Irish citizens, but we dress in green wigs, wear clovers on our tees, and drink copious amounts of beer. We’ve got your St. Patrick’s Day party itinerary on where and what to go on this NOLA day of drinking.

Start the day early at Tracey’s St. Paddy’s Day Party. The bar, located on 2604 Magazine St., offers green beer and traditional Irish food. The celebration begins at 11 a.m., so if you went out for Thirsty Thursday, you’ve got time to wake up and grab brunch at District Donuts down the street. Be careful mixing their delicious donuts with Tracey’s green beer.

Just a few blocks from Tracey’s is Parasol’s, a dive bar hosting the Parasol Block Party Celebration on 2533 Constance St. The fun happens until 8 p.m., so you’ve got time to take a leisure walk from Tracey’s before drinking more green beer and eating corned beef. You might be feeling a bit sluggish due to the day drinking, so order an Irish coffee (or two!) before heading out to the next event.

Now you’ve got a caffeine boost and confidence from drinking to practice your new faux-Irish accent, so take the party down to the river at the Irish Channel St. Paddy’s Day Block Party. The party is held on the corner of Annunciation St. and Chippewa St. at Annunciation Square. Held from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.,  you’ve got plenty of time to booze it up on the trip from Tracey’s and Parasol’s. If you forgot to wear green, grab it from the many boutiques you’ll pass on Magazine Street!

Okay, now you’ve mingled with members of the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day committee, did a few line dances, and wished everyone the “Luck Of The Irish”,  it’s time to hit the next location. This time, you’ll need to take an Uber and head downtown for more bar hopping and parades. Your first stop downtown is at Pat O’ Brien’s at 718 St. Peter in the French Quarter. With food and drink specials and a live DJ, it’ll be the perfect break between your morning and night St. Paddy’s Day partying. It’s okay if you skip the beer and order a hurricane 🙂

Now, the break is over and it’s time to hit the parades. There are two parades to choose from: Molly’s At The Market or the Downtown Irish Club Parade. If you’re leaving from Pat O’ Brien’s, the closer of the parades is Molly’s at the Market on 1107 Decatur St. Molly’s is known for it’s bomb Irish coffee and Bloody Mary’s. At 6:30, the 35th krewe rolls out. Make sure to take your Irish coffee to go!

After you’ve caught some good throws at Molly’s, venture off to the Downtown Irish Club Parade. It starts in the Bywater, but ends on Bourbon St, so no need to cross Elysian Fields to be a parade-goer. At this point, you’re either really tired, really drunk, or really having a good time. The day isn’t over yet! The Pat O’Brien’s party doesn’t end until 2 a.m., and there are several Irish Bar picks scattered among the French Quarter, the Bywater, and Mid City.

If you can hit this entire itinerary for St. Patrick’s Day, make sure to let us know in the comments. The best way to make #StPaddysDay2017 crazy fun is to wear green, drink green, and be green. It’s the luck of the Irish in New Orleans and it only comes once a year!

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