Why you NEED to go to NOWFE Grand Tasting At Least Once In Your Life

We were lucky enough to, once again, be able to attend the New Orleans Wine and Food Experience (NOWFE). Over the past 24 years, NOWFE has grown into a multi-day, multi-venue event that has donated over $1.2 million to local charities. As you know, we love supporting our local economy, especially if it entails eating great food and drinking amazing wines!

The Grand Tasting experience at NOWFE showcases more than 1000 domestic and international vintages alongside delicious foods served by over seventy-five of New Orleans’ finest chefs and purveyors. We love The Grand Tasting because it gives us a chance to chat with renowned and up and coming chefs from New Orleans, as well as taste and learn more about different wines, their styles, price ranges.

Here are a few of our favorite dishes and things that happened at the 2016 Grand Tasting. If these don’t convince you to go to the 2017 NOWFE, we don’t know what will!

The Ambiance

People from all age groups passionate about wine and food, chic and trendy decor, and great music. What more can you ask for?

NOWFE 2016 Grand Tasting

NOWFE 2016 Grand Tasting NOLA

Of course, The Wine

Wines from all over the world, from all price ranges and the best part: you get to taste every single one of them with your ticket. Be warned, the next day’s hangover will not be pretty. We recommend to drink plenty of water in between wines.

NOWFE Grand Tasting New Orleans

Grand Tasting New Orleans NOWFE

New Orleans Wine and Food Experience 2016

Amazing Dishes

The pictures speak for themselves.

2016 New Orleans Wine Food Experience
Oyster Rockefeller Soup from Barcadia
Centerplate Ernest Morial Convention Center
Boudin Noir Cake, Beef Cheek, Fennel Basil Ragout and Mango & Mirliton Slaw from Centerplate Ernest Morial Convention Center
Shaya NOLA dessert
Malabi from Shaya
The Grill Room at the Windsor Court Hotel
Red Pepper Seared Tuna, Quinoa, Corn and Blueberry Salad from The Grill Room at the Windsor Court Hotel

Great Photo Opps

Awesome backdrops for an amazing Insta post. That’s reason enough to go, right?

NOWFE 2016 photos

NOWFE 2016 photos

Specialty Tastings

Hendricks Gin, Titos Vodka and Stella Artois were all there preparing signature cocktails. These were great for when you want to take a little break from all of the wines. Drink these with caution though, they were quite strong.

New Orleans Food and Wine

You need to go to The Grand Tasting at least once in your life because you’ll have a great time, eat and drink, and most importantly, you’ll meet amazing people who share your wine and food passion.

Did you go to NOWFE Grand Tasting 2016? What did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Cheers, Babes

NOWFE 2016 Grand Tasting


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