New Orleans’ Southern Decadence

Southern Decadence in New Orleans is one of many excuses to party and make friends with strangers. This particular excuse happens to be celebrating the LGBTQ community – five days in a row!

Starting the Thursday before Labor Day at midnight, the festivities include float parades, free concerts, a Big Dick Contest, walking parades, and finally, on Monday, a closing party at 8pm entitled “Hung Over and Broke”.

During a weekend that is all about pride and sharing, you often see a lot more of people than you might on your typical NOLA weekend.

assless, decadence
Showing what his Momma gave him (per Ms. Grande)
decadence, bright
Big Bird with better boots

Except, there’s a whole crowd of these outfits.

crowd, decadence, Bourbon

Proud and confident, participants look fabulous and they know it. So when you compliment them and ask them for a picture please, they are already mid-pose by the time you’ve finished asking your question.

man, built, decadence

Props to Miss Heels on the left

New Orleans may have festivals and food and booze, but first and foremost it has weather. With everything going on downtown, the weather wasn’t getting enough attention, so she decided to make her own little splash. She huffed and she puffed, and she poured on down.

Still, the festivities continued.

sousaphone, decadence, New Orleans, parade
Rain or shine, the show must go on!

Some embraced the weather.

high-five, rain, parade, decadence

Some broke out the umbrellas.

New Orleans, decadence, parade, rain

Some pulled the cart that was covered by an umbrella.

decadence, parade, rain, New Olreans
Bringing a whole new meaning to “Forward Ho”

Some belonged in the water anyway.

mermaid, high-five, decadence

And some of us just got soaked.

nature, parade, decadence, rain

decadence, new orleans, rain
Mascara started on my lashes and ended on my cheeks

Even beneath the thunder, New Orleans’ pride could not be struck down. Thank you, Southern Decadence, for another wonderful weekend!

parade, confetti, New Olreans, decadence

Jacklyn G

Jacklyn is a Seattleite, writer, and linguist who fell in love with New Orleans six years ago. Her answers to life's most important questions are yes, five, and Star Wars. She is currently saving up to travel the world, but until then, she plans to drink and eat her way around New Orleans, then rinse and repeat.

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