5 Foods That’ll Cure A NOLA Hangover

In New Orleans, whether you live here or you’re visiting, we’re all guilty of drinking way too much on the weekends. You’re always able to stay up till 7am drinking daqs at The Saint, or end up at the pool table at F&M’s. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we’re not always able to roll out of bed and go about our day like we used to. For some of us, a hangover implies not getting out of bed till 2 and not being able to face the outside world for the entire day.

Thankfully, there are a few remedies to a NOLA hangover (or at least they’ll help you a tiny bit):

Raising Cane’s

cane's new orleans
Fried chicken is a gift from the gods. We could really eat it every single day, but then we’d have to work out for 5 hours instead of 1. Plus that Cane’s sauce AND their Texas toast. YAS.

Dat Dog

Dat Dog Freret St

Their heavenly bread will soak up all the alcohol from the night before. Get a side of bacon + ranch cheese fries. Trust us.


Pho Vietnamese new orleans

Oh, Pho! You bring us back to life every single time. Extra Sriracha please.


Poboy GW Fins

A Po-Boy filled with anything fried and a Diet Coke, a quintessential NOLA Babe hangover meal. Pass the Crystal Hot Sauce.

Chargrilled Oysters

Acme Oyster House

Hot, cheesy, greasy and served with bread. Can’t go wrong with chargrilled oysters, and yes – we’ll need extra bread!

Unfortunately, being hungover limits the places you can go fetch food from – if you’re even able to move from your bed/couch. So sometimes we have to rely on good ole’ pizza delivery.

Now imagine a New Orleans where you’re able to get more than just pizza to your doorstep…

Postmates NOLA

Postmates to the rescue! The app that delivers ANYTHING from ANYWHERE – from a Box Combo from Cane’s to your Walgreens essentials and even beignets from Café Du Monde is now delivering in NOLA.

Postmates New Orleans

How can you get the best of NOLA foods delivered to your doorstep?

acme chargrilled

  1. Download the Postmates App
  2. Sign Up
  3. Use code BEIGNETBABE for a $50 Delivery credit
  4. Enjoy!

Now, you’re just a few taps on your phone away from curing even the worst of hangovers, babes.

hungover af nola


Babes & Beignets

PS – Pedialyte helps too

This blog post was sponsored by Postmates

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