Your Mardi Gras Guide to Parades

It’s the most wonderful time of the NOLA year: Mardi Gras! And that means parades, costumes and lots of fun. With about 15 parades rolling in the Metro New Orleans area this weekend, it’s time to start creating your Parade Plan with your babes.

The Costume

You know we love costumes, which is why Mardi Gras and Halloween are our favorite Holidays. We always make sure our parade costume game is on point. If you’re like us, you have countless wigs, tops and colorful leggings you can mix and match to make an awesome outfit. But, if you don’t have anything to wear this Mardi Gras, or if you’re trying to update your costume wardrobe, here’s a few options for ya:

King Cake Baby Leggings

Mardi Gras Leggings

These leggings are not only adorable, but they ship REALLY fast. So they are the perfect option for us, the last-minute shoppers! According to their website, they will ship within 24 hrs Mon-Fri from Mandeville LA.

Lagniappe: Free Shipping with code KING CAKE


On a budget? Who isn’t! That doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome costume this Mardi Gras season. All you need: a bra, mardi gras beads, a glue gun and some creativity. Voilá! You’ve got yourself a Mardi Bra! Check out the ones we made last year:



Our favorite accessory during Mardi Gras is a handy- dandy fanny pack. Yes, fanny packs are in again. Well,  at least for special occasions! Get a fanny that matches your fabulous costume.

We found a cute option at Funky Monkey on Magazine Street (available in many shiny colors):


Trust us, during Mardi Gras, they are your best friend. Not only will they keep your going out essentials safe, but since it’s literally strapped to you, you’ll be less likely to lose it during your Mardi Gras bender.

The Dranks

It’s time to get festive, duh! And that means poppin’ some bottles with your babes (and maybe with the bros). Grab your go cups and pour some of our NOLA Babe Drank:

What you’ll need:

Pink Lemonade Crystal Light (6 2-qt) packet


Your Favorite Vodka (chilled)

Frozen Berries

Mix the Pink Lemonade and water as directed. For every 2-qt packet, add 1 ½ cups of vodka. Serve with frozen berries!

PS: This drink has slightly less calories than sugary punches. Unfortunately, we still haven’t found a calorie-free vodka.



The Spot

Uptown Funk

We all have our favorite spots to watch the different parades during Mardi Gras. Whether you catch them on Saint Charles Ave, Canal Street or the French Quarter; make sure you have a homebase while watching parades. Why? Well you’ll need to refill your dranks, use the bathroom and indulge in king cake and other parade snacks!

Parade St Charles Ave

If your house is far away or you don’t have any family or friends in the area, a good option is to catch parades close to Superior Grill. They have music before and after the parades roll, strong margaritas, amazing food and plenty of bathrooms!

The Grand Stands

Worry only about your costume and leave the planning to the professionals!

Treat yourself to the ultimate Parade experience at the Sheraton on Canal St. Watch parades above the crowds, while enjoying drinks from a bartender. Hey, you might even be eye to eye to a Mardi Gras King or a celebrity on a float!

Sheraton New Orleans

There you have it, babes! Start planning out your fun for the next two weeks. Happy Mardi Gras to all of y’all!

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