How To Look Mardi Gras AF This Year

Mardi Gras, or should we say Party Gras, is officially in swing. With crowd favorite Krewe Du Vieux kicking off the season February 11, debauchery, foolishness, and a lil’ bit off bad dance moves are the only thing on our planners until March 1.

One of the biggest challenges New Orleanians and other Louisianans find themselves facing are WTH will you dress up as for Mardi Gras? Dressing up for Halloween is so last year  and not even on par with the costumes you find on Fat Tuesday. Mardi Gras is when you really get out the glue guns, paper mâché, and sequins. (Heads up: glitter is totally cancelled this year, unless you want a $200 charge from Uber–check out their rules for this year here).

This isn’t a time for finding some left over costume to wear; Mardi Gras requires a few weeks of planning and prepping to get that crazy, over-the-top, flashy outfit that people will be able to see in a sea of Party Gras goers.

If you don’t want to be basic AF by dressing up in an old Halloween costume, Babes and Beignets has you covered with some of the coolest Mardi Gras costumes you can wear on Fat Tuesday.

Brit Brit’s Nude Bodysuit from “Toxic”

mardi gras costumes

Hello, Britney Spears is Louisiana’s own gem that made her way to Hollywood. What a better way to celebrate Mardi Gras than by representing Louisiana? It’s cheap to make, but requires time gluing the stones to the bodysuit. Best part? You won’t be cold because the bodysuit is long sleeved. You can keep referring to the shots you take as a “taste of poison paradise”. Buy the bodysuit here and the rhinestones here.

610 Stomper

610 stompers

Unfortunately, this outfit does not include those slick dad dance moves, but it does give you the confidence to try. Dress up as New Orleans’ favorite male dance group for Mardi Gras–no crafting required. You’ll need a red jacket, blue pants (or a skirt), a white tank and knee high socks. Finish the look with a white sweatband; you’ll need it after performing their sick moves. If you wanna get crazy, you can draw the 610 sign on your shirt. Now, try to sneak in their marching group and shake it with ’em!

King Cake Baby

(It’s okay, we’d be scared too, Tamica)

This outfit actually might be better for Halloween, because the New Orleans’ King Cake Baby is some scary sh*t. However, it’s totally current right now and all about New Orleans. If you want to scare your friends and score some beads, you’re going to have to put in some work for this. The hard way to do this requires mesh wire, paper mâché, paint, and your patience. The easy way would be to get this mask and wear a makeshift bib with ” I love King Cake” painted on.

Haydel’s Hand Pies


Haydel came in clutch after bringing back the glorious hand pies that were once part of Hubig’s. So, since these delicious desserts are back, be sweet and dress up like one this Mardi Gras season! For this costume, you’ll need a large, white pillow case and paint. You’ll need a Haydel pie to draw the design from (and to treat yo self while you work). Let it dry and you’ll be ready to rock the streets. Check this picture out for inspiration.

Mardi Gras Tourist


Oooh, this is an easy one. You’ll need a huge pile of beads (all thrown from Bourbon St. balconies), a fake set of plastic boobs, the iconic Purple/Green/Gold t-shirt (doesn’t have to be from Perlis), a Mardi Gras mask and drinks in both hands. Take it to heart and be rowdy and crazy, and unable to hold your liquor.

Red Dress Run Participant


Recycle the dress you wore when you were in the run and wear it to Mardi Gras! You just need a red dress or red shirt and skirt combo. Print out a fake participation number and attach it to your outfit. Bonus points if you add the “13.1′ or “26.2” sticker to your costume.


crawfish costume
You win Mardi Gras if you show up as Britney Spears eating crawfish. Two costumes in one.

Now, these mudbugs may not be the cutest or the most fun to dress up as, but at least they’re tasty as hell. There is literally an outfit you can buy or you can wear a red top and bottom and make claws to put on your hands. To jazz it up, glue or sew plastic corn on the cob and potatoes usually sold for children’s play sets on the costume. Make sure you’ve got beer and Tony Chachere’s to make it super authentic.

Café Du Monde/Morning Call Server

cafe du monde costume

Do you know the cute caps Café Du Monde and Morning Call give to children while they chow down on beignets? Next time, snag one of those and your outfit is pretty much complete. All you need is black pants, a white oxford shirt and a black bow tie. Wrap a white cloth around your waist, add a bit of powdered sugar, and that’s it! Extra bonus points if you actually have hot, fresh beignets with you!

Or make it sexier, and wear a long shirt and no pants 😉

Basic Mardi Gras Betch

perlis new orleans
(Picture via Le Week End)

You know her, they know her, we are her–sometimes. Yes, the basic betch of Mardi Gras. She wears her Perlis Mardi Gras shirt complete with fanny pack (or small book bag), Fleurty Girl headband, a few beads around her neck and a plentiful supply of alcohol. All you need for this is the shirt and the headband…then just drink a little bit. Oh, make sure the shirt is a few sizes too large. Then it’s perfect.

Plum St. Snowball Babe

mardi gras babes
Can you spot Maggie?

New Orleanians love when it’s warm outside so we can line up for our sugar-flavored ice! This outfit just needs white bottoms and a crazy, colorful top! Dress as your favorite flavor with either a colored shirt, or a colored shirt plus a colored wig. Make it original by adding either “Plum Street”, “Hansen’s”, or “Pandora” across your shirt so everyone knows what snowball shop you don’t play games with.

Bead Of The Ball

Don’t know what to do with your old Mardi Gras beads after the parades end? We don’t either, but we do know a good way to reuse them. This costume requires a bit of work. Turn your old beads into a fun outfit so you can look like the girls in marching groups. Get a cheap corset, hot glue guns, and loads of Mardi Gras beads. Glue the beads into a Fleur de Lis, King Cake, or even spell out something. #WinningMardiGras

Lucky Dog Couples Costume

You’re the hot dog to my ketchup, or at least that’s what you can tell your boo so that they’ll wear this costume with you. Dressing up as Lucky Dog, a New Orleans icon, is a weiner of a Mardi Gras Costume. Don’t let the competition ketchup to you and miss out on this outfit. It’s on sale now with limited quantities left. Who knows, you just might have the best costume, you lucky dog. That’s the last pun. I promise.
lucky dog nola

Mardi Gras is about going crazy and knowing that absolutely no one will care what you look like or what you dress up as. Honestly, these outfits might even be tame compared to the stuff seen on Frenchmen Street. Make #MardiGras2017 the year you upgrade your parade look and be bomb af with one of the looks seen here. If you chose a costume from the list, make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook!

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