How to Throw The Perfect Parade Party

If you haven’t already noticed, we kind of consider ourselves Mardi Gras experts! If you live near the parade route, be a dear and host your friends before, after and during the festivities. You might have a little cleaning up to do in the morning, but they will be forever indebted to you, and there’s really nothing better than that.

Pick a parade

All of the parades have different routes so you may very well be near one of them. Check out the full schedule of parade’s and their routes here. Once you choose a date, send an e-vite or make a Facebook event to invite all of your favorite NOLA babes and bros.

Stock the Bar

The most important of steps. Grab a variety of beer, liquor and wine from your local grocery store to please everyone’s taste buds. The great thing about Mardi Gras, is that all standards go out the window, so don’t worry about getting name brands. Of course, it’s fine to ask people to BYOB as well. If you really want to blow your guests away, try making a seasonal cocktail, like our Mardi Gras Mule made with King cake vodka, ginger beer, and lime.

Get a King Cake + Snacks

You’ll need at least a couple of snacks to keep people semi-sober in between the drinks. A king cake is a parade party staple. There are SO many king cakes we love, not to mention so many special ones making their debut this year, that it’s hard to choose. When you’ve got to please a crowd, sometimes it’s good to go with a classic. Luckily both Haydel’s and Randazzo’s have pop-ups right on Magazine Street this year to make picking up a cake quick and easy for Uptown babes.

Putting out cheese and crackers is always an easy, yet sophisticated crowd pleaser. Another totally acceptable Mardi Gras spread is buying a bunch of fried chicken, and sides from Popeyes!

Outfit + Accessories

A true New Orleans babe, never goes parading in her everyday clothing. Save yourself some time to get ready because applying lashes, glitter, & wigs can sometimes present complications, but it’s all be worth it!

Like our look? We got all this cute parade gear right on Magazine Street at Trendz. They’ve got all the purple, green and gold you’ll need to look fab this season, and it’s all super affordable. Check out other items to add to your Mardi Gras wardrobe here.

Babes tip: Trendz purple, green and gold glitter is cosmetic grade meaning it won’t irritate your skin so use as freely as you like. We were really feeling the glitter lip look this year. Just dab a generous amount of glitter over your gloss! 

Get Supplies

Cups, plates, and decorations will all be needed to complete your preparation for the festivities. Stick to a purple, green and gold color palette of course! Our adorbs Andrea’s Vinyl Shoppe plastic stemless glasses never let us down.


Make sure people arrive early enough to have a drink or two before you head over the the parade. Once everyone has a little buzz, and their go cup, walk on over and catch as many throws as you can! Don’t forget to take a breather and take in all of the beautiful floats passing you by – they are truly works of art.

When the parade ends, head back to your house to drink what’s left of the bar. If you’ve already drank it dry, or want to keep your house relatively clean, head to a local dive bar.



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