How To Stay Fit In The City Of Sin

Please raise your hand if you love running. No, seriously. Do you actually run and enjoy it?

Yeah, me neither. It’s easy to stick with common exercise habits, like running, using the treadmill, or doing a few crunches a day to get your dream abs.

Lately, there has been a huge shift from exercising for health to exercising for fun in several American cities. Even New Orleans has gotten in on the fun. However, it’s hard to stay fit in New Orleans when there are temptations like fried food, alcohol, and Beignet Fest!  So, how do we exercise our bad habits away without quitting and getting bored of our plain jane exercise regime? Babes & Beignets is sharing the best places to have fun, get fit, and not dread going to the gym.

Pole Dancing- Not Your Mama’s Workout Routine

Although New Orleans is certainly familiar with pole dancing, the thought of using a pole for fitness is still a novelty. It may look easy, but it’s far from that. Pole dancing involves using your upper body strength and core to do the simplest of moves, like getting your feet off the ground, and creates killer arm muscle. Babes get an intense workout and get to be sexy, so it’s a win-win. While I may have not gotten the sexy part down…I can get off the ground now.  Just don’t tell your mama and your grandmother.


Sweating Your A** Off Willingly In Bikram Yoga

I love yoga. I really do. I love it because it’s a nice and gentle workout, and I take advantage of a yoga practice the day after my toning session. My favorite part? I sometimes don’t even break a sweat. That’s not at all what hot yoga is like. Hot yoga or Bikram yoga is where you enter a 90 degree room willingly and then do yoga. It’s yoga in a sauna. If you thought you sweat profusely in a sauna, think again. Hot yoga is still the same relaxing practice, just one where sweat is dripping down your face during down dog. If you Nola babes are looking to burn a few extra calories, get your metabolism going,  and leave drenched, hot yoga is the best option. You look like a wet, but nicely toned, dog afterward.



Plies Are The New Squats

Pure Barre. It’s all the rage. What is Pure Barre, exactly? It’s using a ballet barre for exercise. I took a Pure Barre class to understand why people have been raving about “the barre”. I danced for several years, and I like to think that I’m in decent shape now. Pure Barre changed my mind about that. It.Was.Hard. Ridiculously hard. I struggled to keep up, watching the girls around me move effortlessly as we used dumbbells and red elastic bands to really feel the workout. What’s the worst par? I couldn’t even sit still on the floor as my socks kept slipping. Apparently you need no-slip socks, which they sell there. I was utterly defeated. It was definitely a great workout, but requires a few class commitments to get the movements before seeing results. Babes, don’t wimp out like me.



  • Pure Barre, 3923 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115
  • Pure Barre, 701 Metairie Rd, Metairie, LA 70005
  • Barre 3, 5235 Magazine St. New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
  • Barre 3, Metairie Road, Metairie, Louisiana 70005

Babes, we hear your concerns. No more running, lazy pushups or crunches needed to help you gain your fitness goals. This week, try to not find any excuses as to working out and get to sweating. With locations all over the city, there’s sure to be one near you. You can go out to happy hour and make Pure Barre for the 8 PM class.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too, because working out can be fun and entertaining.

Sara, Contributor

While originally from upstate New York, Sara came to NOLA for law school and got sucked in by this crazy city. Five years later she’s an official adopted New Orleanian. She’s an avid traveler, runner, and beignet lover (of course!) You can follow along with all of her travels and misadventures here.


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