Holidays & Traditions Go Together like Beignets & Café Au Lait

One of the most magical things about the holidays are traditions. Whether they’re with your friends, your family, your significant other, or coworkers, we’ve all got them. Traditions give us a warm, fuzzy feeling that we can look forward to for years to come. We are sharing, along with our contributors, our favorite holiday traditions with you this year!


Ok, so this might sound a little crazy, but traditions are anything but normal right?! Each year, my family has a big celebration on Christmas Eve night where we eat, drink and give an obnoxious amount of presents. After the wine starts flowing, and the music gets louder, we all take part in something called the “underwear dance.” We have a bag of special silky women’s underwear with bells on them just for the occasion. What do we do with these underwear you ask? We put them on our heads, swing them around and dance the night away of course! This has been going on for years, and everyone from toddlers to family members in wheel chairs take part.

I think it originated when someone was given underwear as a gift one year, and another over served person decided putting them on their head to dance around would be a good idea. It just stuck!

holiday traditions underwear dance


Christmas in Guatemala = Tamales & Fireworks. My favorite thing about going to Guatemala to spend Christmas with my family is first, eating all of the tamales. Although you can find them in certain markets year-round, my family makes them during the holidays. They’re not like the tamales you’re probably thinking about, the batter is much softer, and they come wrapped in a plantain tree leaf. Pair them with a nice toasted piece of french bread + some lime juice. YAS.

tamale holiday tradition in guatemala

Latin American holidays are very loud as you can imagine. My favorite part is having  fireworks light up the sky at midnight on the 25th. After a few minutes of fireworks that can be seen all throughout Guatemala City, we go back to drinking rum and eating some more.

Holidays in Guatemala


Since the 70s my family’s Houston neighborhood has a tradition called “Nite of Lights” where every block coordinates Christmas light displays around different themes. Over 20,000 people drive through the neighborhood to see the displays, so my parents host a holiday party to kick-off the event every year. 

It started really tame where we’d have a few friends over to drink, eat and sing cheesy Christmas carols to all the cars that drive by, but now it’s turned into a rowdy party where my Dad dresses up like Santa and throws Mardi Gras beads off the balcony, and the quaint carols have turned into terrible renditions of 90s songs. Our neighbors hate us. #SorryNotSorry 

drunk santa


One of my favorite traditions is grabbing drinks with friends on Christmas Eve. We usually do a gift exchange, or just buy each other drinks, and reminisce, as well as planning for New Years. Every year we pick a new bar,  somewhere warm and cozy. New Years Brunch is also a favorite! 

holiday traditions new orleans


My favorite tradition is making buñuelos (basically a deep-fried tortilla covered in sugar.) They come in all shapes and sizes in a variety of Latin American countries. For the lazy AF Mexican babe – take raw flour tortillas, dump them in oil until they’re fried, let them cool off on a rack and add powdered sugar. It reminds me all my childhood Christmases – add some jamon serrano and red wine with water for my Spanish side and you’ve got yourself a Gonzalez Xmas. Also, these things taste like crack. 

Holiday Traditions buñuelos
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Every year, one Saturday in December, I like to grab my closest friends and go to Domenica Happy Hour to check out the beautiful decorations at The Roosevelt and get our fill of pizza and drinks. Because nothing says it’s the Holidays like pizza, martinis and lights!

holiday traditions new orleans

What is your favorite holiday tradition? We would love to hear! Please share them in the comments section.

Happy Holidays!


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