Getting Cheesy: The Best Mac ‘n Cheese in NOLA

There are few things I love in this world as much as mac ‘n cheese. It’s one of my top three favorite foods. As a child, I once went to a restaurant and they didn’t have mac ‘n cheese on the menu and I proceeded to throw one of the most epic temper tantrums of my young life. And not much has changed.

So babes and bros of New Orleans, I am about to answer the timeless question, the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing you think about at night. The holy grail if you will. Where is the best mac ‘n cheese in New Orleans?.

I can’t say who is the best because I doubt I could ever choose, but I can at least provide you with some options and you can decide for yourself!

Cochon Butcher 

We’re talking cheesy, bacon-y, greasy delicious goodness that is the mac ‘n cheese from Cochon Butcher. A fabulous sandwich and butcher shop, their mac ‘n cheese is flavored with pancetta, leeks, mushrooms, aged and mild sharp cheddar, and white wine. Topped with provolone and breadcrumbs, I’m salivating just typing this out. Seriously who needs a sandwich when this is on the menu?

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Believe it or not, even vegans can experience the splendid joy that comes from eating mac ‘n cheese. There are a few vegan options in the city but the ones that are here offer amazing flavor and options. If you need a mac ‘n cheese fix but live a plant-based lifestyle, never fear because Seed NOLA is here. Enjoy their creamy concoction with cashew cream and vegan cheese.


Rocky and Carlo’s

As I am compiling a list of the best mac ‘n cheese options in the city, I cannot create this list without mentioning Rocky and Carlo’s world-famous mac ‘n cheese. There have been news stories, videos, and recipe re-creations on this ooey gooey, creamy spicy mixture that will leave you uncomfortably full. Check out the video below to see for yourself how its made.

The Joint

BBQ and mac ‘n cheese go together like peanut butter and jelly. And I don’t want to start a riot and claim that theirs is the “best BBQ” in the city, but The Joint is pretty darn good. So cheesy and melty and enough that you could share but probably don’t want to, if you are looking for mac ‘n cheese options in the Bywater, The Joint is where you have to head. Loaded with cheddar cheese sauce and dash of cayenne, you’ll probably finish this too soon. Don’t despair though, you can always get seconds.

The Big Cheezy

Did you think that I was going to write an article about anything having to do with cheese and not include The Big Cheezy? Of course not, that would be blasphemous. So if you need a cheese fix, you will have no lack of options when you go to any of The Big Cheezy’s 3 locations in the city. My recommendation for this list is the Mac ‘n Cheese Grilled Cheese. Yes you heard me correctly, a sandwich filled with their signature 4 cheese mac ‘n cheese, bacon and then grilled to perfection. It’s your sides and entree in one. That is efficient snack-age my friends.

St. James Cheese Company

Besides having some amazing mac they’re also a world class fromager. Their mac ‘n cheese is some straight-up artisanal type shiz. Blended with a few different types of cheeses to give it a bit of a stronger bite than what you might be used to, its still piping hot and creamy, so I’m giving the recommendation.

Salon By Sucre

I couldn’t write this list without including a New Orleans favorite like crawfish mac ‘n cheese, right? No way, the comments would have me chasing my tail for being so forgetful. Salon by Sucre is the perfect mixture of my favorite things: sweets, drinks and cheese. This Lenten season enjoy some crawfish mac ‘n cheese or how about truffled wild mushroom mac? I mean how do you choose? You can’t, so be like me, and get both!

Well did I miss anything? Tell me about your favorite mac ‘n cheese options in the comments below! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for October 21st when the holy Mecca of mac comes to New Orleans: the Mac ‘n Cheese Festival! I’ll be seeing you there!

Morgan, Contributor

Morgan is a long-time New Orleanian and graduate from UNO interested in all things artistic, alcoholic and altruistic. She enjoys exploring New Orleans, finding budget-friendly fun and petting every dog she sees.

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