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So we all know that this football season has been off to a….rocky start. But a true New Orleanian believes in her Saints and supports them to the end (even the losing end of a game that looked like a sure win). While the game itself may not be going well, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you watch. Here are some of the best places to catch Saints games and cheer for our boys in black and gold!

The Maple Leaf Bar

best place to watch a saints game

The Maple Leaf is a New Orleans institution without a doubt. Whether the season is going good or bad, the Maple Leaf fills up with die-hard fans happy to scream in either jubilation or rage, whatever the occasion calls for. The Maple Leaf is a great music venue and there is nothing like catching an amazing dinner at Jacques Imo’s and then heading to the Maple Leaf for some of New Orleans best headliners. We love their back patio and potluck during Saints games.

Bayou Beer Garden

places to watch saints games
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Nothing goes together better than football and beer, amirite? We love Bayou Beer Garden for Saints game because they have a huge patio with big screen TVs, beer buckets, and debris fries. Seriously, what more could you want? Oh, how about jello shots for touchdowns? A great, no-frills Mid-City bar is the perfect place to cheer your team to victory or drown your sorrows in their defeats.


best places to watch saints game
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If you are hanging in the Irish Channel during game days, Tracey’s is the place to be. There are TVs in every corner, plenty of seating, and a big food menu that will satisfy any fan. The drinks are strong and oysters are being shucked when you head to Tracey’s. Makes us want to be there any day of the week not just during Saints games.

The Bulldog 

best places to watch saints games
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Whether you decide to go to the one in Mid-City or Uptown, you are guaranteed a relaxed and fun environment when you watch Saints games at The Bulldog. Another place you can bring your furry friends (that should seem obvious), The Bulldog has just about any beer you could want on draft or in stock, a dark bar room and cozy patio, what more does a Who Dat need?

The Rusty Nail 

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Located on the edge of the Warehouse District, we really love heading to the Rusty Nail before, during and after a Saints game since its only a 2 miles drive or a 20 minute walk. However, if you don’t have tickets to the game, you can still enjoy watching it at the Rusty Nail. The courtyard is really what sells the place for fans. Lots of seating and tons of places to watch the game. And who doesn’t love the food trucks that are always parked outside?

Those are just a few of our favorite spots but there are so many great bars, breweries, restaurants and friends houses that you could enjoy watching a Saints game. No matter how they play, getting the Who Dat nation together to support our boys is what it is really all about. So tell us your favorite places to watch the game and why you love it in the comments section below!

Bless you boys and the Who Dat nation!

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Morgan is a long-time New Orleanian and graduate from UNO interested in all things artistic, alcoholic and altruistic. She enjoys exploring New Orleans, finding budget-friendly fun and petting every dog she sees.

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