National Barbecue Day: The Best Barbecue in New Orleans

The Fourth of July means we get an entire day to not work, eat and drink all of the most American things that will go straight to our asses, sip Budweiser and not be looked at like trash. Conveniently, today is also National Barbecue Day. Kudos to the marketing genius who made a day out of something we were likely already going to be doing.

Maybe you didn’t get invited to this year’s BBQ at Aunt Brenda’s house after you blacked out and jumped in the pool naked AF last year, but that doesn’t mean that you too shouldn’t get to be a lovely little piggy.🐷We got your back, as per usual, and are sharing our favorite barbecue places in the city where you can get your grub on today.

Post it on insta, or wherever Aunt Carol is social media’ing these days for a real F U and your party Aunt Brenda – I am eating better than ya’ll and didn’t have to do any actual cooking.

The Joint

701 Mazant Street

Open today!

The Joint has been called NOLA’s best BBQ time and time again, and there’s a reason why. We love the pulled pork or brisket on a sandwich topped with slaw, and a side of mac. Plus, it’ in the cutest little Bywater neighborhood so after you’ve sufficiently stuffed your belly, you can take a photo in front of a colorful wall somewhere for the insta (if you can suck in long enough).

the joint new orleans

McClure’s Barbecue

 3001 Tchoupitoulas Street (in NOLA Brewery)

Open today! 

We always get talked into getting a plate from McClure’s while at NOLA Brwery whether we planned on it or not. I mean you’re already drinking beer, why not get even more bloated with a plate of this deliciousness. This heavenly mac may be our fave. Have you noticed we have a thing for mac?

mcclures barbecue

Central City BBQ

1201 S Rampart Street

Closed today

Ok, so this is our only inclusion that is not open today, but we had to let you know that Central City is our newest BBQ obsession. We gotta have it all so our fave is a combo plate with all the meats and sides to split with a group. DON’T forget the burnt ends. What is a burnt end you might be asking? They are basically melt in your mouth fat. yummmm.

central city bbq

Blue Oak BBQ

900 N Carrollton Avenue

Open today till’ 3PM!

A mid-city favorite, Blue Oak is an adorable little place with a down-home vibe. Their speciality sandwiches like the fried spicy chicken are pretty freakin’ special, not to mention all the tasty meats and sides. Brussels are so in right now, and Blue Oak makes some extremely tasty ones so we will head over just for those.

blue oak bbq


Don’t forget to find something super Party in the USA to rock while celebrating freedom, and mostly the fact that it’s ok to be a little piggy today. Yes, you’ll regret it tomorrow when your skinny jeans won’t zip, but do it for ‘Merica!

Have a happy Fourth of July babes!


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