A Sneak Peek Into This Weekend’s Beignet Fest

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the iconic dessert that we are named for than with a festival dedicated solely to the delicious deep-fried NOLA tradition, beignets!

The inaugural year of Beignet Fest will bring together some of the best restaurants from across the city to craft their versions of the beignet, many being released for the first time ever!

We’ll be tasting and judging each and every beignet served up the day of, and letting our taste buds decide on “the best sweet,” “the best savory,” and “the most original.”

The line-up already has our mouth watering!

Here’s what you can look forward to on October 8:


Crawfish Beignets from Legacy Kitchen

A combination of two of our city’s most renowned delicacies.

legacy kitchen crawfish beignets beignet fest new orleans festival


Fried Chicken & Beignets with Maple Syrup from Café Reconcile

Let any feeling of regret you may be inclined to have while scarfing down this delicious tray of carbs be outweighed by the good Café Reconcile brings to the youth of our community.


The non-profit café provides disconnected youth between the ages of 16-24 with culinary training and mentorship that impacts their futures and that of their families.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 9.16.31 PM.png


Oyster Beignets from Royal House 

oyster beignets royal house new orleans nola food beignet festival 2016

Royal House will also be serving fish beignets.

Beignet Fries from Cafe Maspero

You know what babes always say – fries before guys. This is one of the inaugural dishes we are most looking forward to. We’ll see if it lives up to our expectations!

beignet fries cafe maspero new orleans beignet festival


Oreo Beignets from Luca Eats

O. My. Gosh. If these are anything like Fried Oreos, we are sold. We can’t help reminiscing about the Parish fair at the thought of biting into these bad boys.

oreo beignet fried oreo new orleans luca eats uptown beignet festival


Banana’s Foster Beignets from The Ruby Slipper

bananas foster beignets ruby slipper beignet fest festival 2016 new orleans nola


Fried bread pudding po-boy beignet from Ye Olde College Inn

Perhaps, we are most curious about tasting this concoction make up with many of our favorite things.

fried bread pudding po boy beignet fest festival poboy ye olde college inn new olreans nola


Boudin stuffed beignets from Walk-On’s

A Louisiana babe can never have too much Boudin. Dreaming of Boudin, Bourbon & Beer 2016 yet anyone?



Traditional & Chocolate from New Orleans Coffee and Beignet Company

Because sometimes you just want the basic like the Basic Nola Babe you are.

new orleans coffee and beignet company beignet festival chocolate beignet traditional beignet


Cochon Beignets from The Ruby Slipper

cochon beignet ruby slipper new orleans festival


A Burger Beignet from Loretta’s Pralines

Loretta’s will also be serving praline beignets (a Jazz Fest favorite), and crabmeat beignets.

burger beignet savory lorettas pralines new orleans beignet festival fest 2016


More Traditional Beignets from Cafe Beignet

Everyone’s got their take on the traditional beignet. Cafe Beignet’s are light and crispy with just the right amount of powdered sugar.

cafe beignet new orleans beignet festival haute off the rack
Photo by: Haute Off  The Rack


Shrimp & Corn Maque Choux Beignets from Fulton Alley

fulton alley new orleans nola shrimp corn maque choux beignet festival fest


For the vegan babe ,

Baked gluten-free doughnuts in maple, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, birthday cake, blueberry and banana nut from Girls Gone Vegan Bakery

vegan gluten free doughnuts beignets chocolate new orleans beignet fest
Pictured: chocolate Cake Donuts (GF, V, Nut Free)


Bacon cheddar beignets with chipotle crema from Howlin’ Wolf Den

howlin wolf new orleans food

Bacon Beignets


Café au Lait & Beignets ice cream in a waffle cone dipped in powdered sugar from New Orleans Ice Cream Company

This is already one of our favorite ice cream flavors to indulge in during a case of the Sunday Blues. 💘

Cafe au Lait & Beignets Ice Cream New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Beignet Fest Festival 2016

Most importantly, we’ll need your help deciding on the “crowd favorite” this weekend! Fest attendees can head to babesandbeignets.com to vote on their favorite all day long, and get extra votes for using the hashtag #BeignetFestBest on social media. We’ll announce the winners at 3PM right before Big Sam’s Funky Nation takes the stage!

We hope you’ll join us on October 8 at Lafayette Square in celebration of our favorite sweet treat accompanied by live entertainment and a crowd with great taste. Not only will Beignet Fest be one of the most delectable days of the year, but all proceeds will benefit the Tres Deaux Foundation, a local nonprofit that provides accessible, quality programs for children with developmental delays.

See you there!


Babes & Beignets

babes and beignets beignet fest new orleans brick and spoon


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