Let Barcadia New Orleans Steal Your Heart

For those who have not yet ventured to Barcadia, you can deduce what the establishment includes by the name. Yes, you guessed correctly; it is a combined bar and arcade.

Barcadia arcade bar

With plenty of opportunities to enlarge your ego and lose your dignity in a matter of quarters, the games become more difficult with each drink.

Barcadia drinks
Vodka based Strawberry Moonshine (left) and Sangria with Bacardi Mango Rum (right)

Now, a place as magical as this is quite satisfactory on its own. However, though I may be a Babe, the way to my heart is through my stomach. And I think Barcadia knows.

Other than your typical bar-food of tacos and chicken wings (their new chicken wing sauce is Sweet Japanese Jalapeño!), the following menu items will be getting me back to Barcadia sooner than usual:

Beer-Breaded Wisconsin Cheese Curds

food at Barcadia
Cheese curds covered in marinara sauce (my second helping) and Barcadia Bomber (Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Pinnacle Whipped Vodka, Absolut Peach Vodka, & Mango Sorbet Smirnoff Ice)

The Slider

barcadia food new orleans

When I asked Mr. Allen from the kitchen what exactly makes their sliders so incredibly delicious, his answer was two-fold: A) All their bread is from the Dong Phoung local bakery. It’s a little sweet and they use it for all bread on their menu, including on their burgers. B) They do all their meat in-house, meaning no frozen meat. The slider meat in particular is 60% prime rib, 40% ground beef.

OMG Shrimp

fried food barcadia

Before I knew the title of this appropriately-named dish, I took one bite and turned to my friend. “Oh my God, you have to try this.” Shrimp slathered in peanut butter, sweet chili, and mayo? OMG indeed.

Fried PB&J

fried pb&j

Think beignet with peanut butter and jelly inside. Yes, that is powdered sugar on top. They took an american staple and deep-fried it. You can’t get much more Southern – or delicious – than that.

Deep-Fried Oreo

fried oreo new orleans

Past full and beyond stuffed, this gem somehow found its way in front of me. With this second dessert, Barcadia tied the final knot to steal my heart forever.

So next time you work up an appetite taking names on their air hockey table, you know what to order!

Oh, and one last thing. Just so we are all clear, this is the only acceptable way to drink and drive:

don't drink and drive nola

Jacklyn G

Jacklyn is a Seattleite, writer, and linguist who fell in love with New Orleans six years ago. Her answers to life's most important questions are yes, five, and Star Wars. She is currently saving up to travel the world, but until then, she plans to drink and eat her way around New Orleans, then rinse and repeat.

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