🍧 Babes Guide to Snowball Season 🍧

The weather is warming up outside, the crawfish are in season, and that’s the only excuse we need to head over to our favorite stand and enjoy NOLA’s favorite ice cold sweet treat! The snowball is a New Orleans tradition, and is not to be confused with what non-New Orleanians call “shaved ice.” Like many of our city’s favorite foods, there are many opinions on where to get the best one in town, and your flavor of choice (there are literally hundreds).

Maybe you are new to the city, or simply want to be adventurous and try something new! Our team of babes have some of the most sophisticated Big Easy palates around 😜 , and they were kind enough to divulge where they go for a snowball and their go-to flavors.


I’ve gotta have the Nectar Cream snowball from Plum Street Snoballs! The pretty pink flavor that comes in a Chinese take out box is made #fortheinsta. Plus, nectar was invented in NOLA so it’s double the New Orleans flavor in one.

Alessandra M.


There’s nothing better than an ice cream stuffed chocolate snowball from Sal’s in Old Metairie. It’s what I grew up on!

Morgan B.

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2nd stop. The Joker and chocolate. #salssnoballs

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There’s always a long line at Hansen’s Sno-Bliz, but it’s so worth the wait. The watermelon is made with real watermelon juice (like everything there), and is so refreshing in the NOLA heat!

– Manola G.


Imperial Woodpecker on Magazine has sooo many awesome flavors. Cereal cream is my absolute fave. Childhood cereal fanatic anyone? Drooool.

– Alyssa B.


The Iced Coffee snowball from Plum St. Snoballs is like everything coffee lovers need and so much more. I was first introduced to this delicious treat at Jazz Fest years ago, and as soon as it gets warm, it’s the first thing on my mind. Don’t forget the condensed milk!

Maggie R.

I stay true to my love for chocolate desserts when it comes to snowballs! A classic Chocolate from Lou-Lou’s Snoballs & Ice Cream in Metairie is my go-to.

– Dominique B.

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Best chocolate snoball! #nola #snoball

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I’m more of an ice cream girl. Hook me up with one of the ice cream stuffed snowballs from Hansen’s and I’ll be your best friend 😉

Sara O.


Another Cream of Nectar girl here, but I like mine from Hansen’s!

– Jen K. 


Our mouths are watering for an ice cold snowball right about now, or five! Most of the stands are already open since spring here in NOLA decides to come whenever it feels like it (we aren’t complaining). Head out to your favorite stand and treat yo ‘self!

Have you met our insider babes yet? Learn more about them here. Share your favorite place for a snowball and flavor in the comments.


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