Babes Guide to Mardi Gras

We’re just a couple days away from one of the most fun weekends in the Big Easy: Mardi Gras! Though some of you have been enjoying Carnival season since you were just a little babe, others might still be newbies. Here’s our comprehensive Guide to Mardi Gras babes:

Eat King Cake

New Orleans King Cake

Lots of it, and in all of its glorious forms! Believe us, you’re gonna miss it when it’s gone. They don’t call it Fat Tuesday for no reason, and that’s what leggings are for- right? This is definitely not the season to cut out the carbs in your diet! Check out our Instagram for some of our favorites we’ve been enjoying since King’s Day.

Catch a Shoe at Muses

One of the most prized Mardi Gras throws: the Muses shoes. Wear your best costume, dance, wave, jump. Do whatever you can but make it your mission to get a Muses shoe tonight babes! If you don’t, there’s always next year.

Muses Parade Shoe

Don’t Forget about the Walking Parades

With so many float parades in the French Quarter and Uptown, we often forget about the unique walking parades. This weekend, catch some of the best walking parades. Don’t miss our personal favorite: Diva Day on Friday at 1:00PM (begins in front of Arnaud’s) . Look out for the purple and gold Divas- that’s us!

Sexy NFL Costume

Go to the ATM

Make it easier on yourself to buy drinks and snacks while parading! Head out to the ATM before your Mardi Gras celebrations. There’s nothing worse than craving Dante’s Pizza and having no cash in hand!

Bridesmaids Gif


Plan Ahead for your Hangover

There’s no magical cure for a hangover, especially a Mardi Gras one. So you’ll have to use one or all of these recommendations. Here’s how the Babes survive a Fat Tuesday hangover:


Carrollton Market Brunch

We’re up all night to get Brunch! It’s New Orleans, you can get amazing brunch just about anywhere. But if you’re looking for the perfect greasy combo to combat a hangover, check out Food & Wine’s Best Hangover Cures in NOLA list.



Plan ahead and buy ingredients for Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas. Don’t feel like going out shopping? Order from Drizzly! They’ll even give you one free 10lb bag of ice when you order(Offer valid till 2/9/16)

Warning: Food and more drinks might not cure all hangovers. Babes Tip: drink some chilled Pedialyte.

Know Where The Best Late Night Food Spots Are

NOLA Cheese Fries

Good food in New Orleans is easy to find. We even have awesome late night food spots. Check out the list we made for NOLAween. Same city, same great late night eats!

Stay Safe!

No matter how much fun you plan on having, you also need to plan on your safety.

Don’t drink and drive


That’s what Uber is for! If it’s your first time riding you’ll even get a $15-$20 discount!

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Mean Girls Gif

There will be lots and lots of people around you. ALL THE TIME. Don’t stumble into a deserted streets, and although we’re always down to make new friends, choose wisely who you hang out or go home with!

Pro Tip

Who took my cell phone michael cera

Make sure your cellphone has insurance. S**t happens!

Wake up to a Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise Gif

Now is not the time to quit. You’ve made it this far! Wake up and have a Tequila Sunrise or two at The Boot! It’s the perfect way to continue the party, and avoid the early morning hangover!

Actually Make it to Zulu

Mardi Gras Zulu Parade

The party life is not for everyone. But this is one of the classic Mardi Gras parades you NEED to see! Head out toward the Garden District after a Tequila Sunrise and try to catch a few of the Zulu coconuts.


Enough is enough. Fat Tuesday is over, it’s time to get fit for spring. Drink lots of water Babes and stay tuned for our detox guide. In the meantime, check out our 2015 Guide.

Juice Detox NOLA

You’ve made it through another successful Mardi Gras babes. Hope this helps with your weekend planning. Have anything to add? Leave it in the comments!


Happy Mardi Gras!!!


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