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We have a blast running around living la vida NOLA and blogging about it for your enjoyment, but sometimes in this city there’s just too much to eat, drink and do for just two babes. That’s why we recruited 8 lovely twenty-something ladies who share our same passion for food, drinks, travel, festin’ and of course for New Orleans. We think you’ll enjoy their adventures as much as we do!

Meet The Insider Babes:

Sara Ochs

Sara Ochs - Contributor While originally from upstate New York, Sara came to NOLA for law school got sucked in by this crazy city. Five years later she’s an official adopted New Orleanian. She’s an avid traveler, runner, and beignet lover (of course!) You can follow along with all of her travels and misadventures here.

Jacklyn Grambush

Jacklyn Grambush - ContributorJacklyn is a Seattleite, writer, and linguist who fell in love with New Orleans six years ago. Her answers to life’s most important questions are yes, five, and Star Wars. She is currently saving up to travel the world, but until then, she plans to drink and eat her way around New Orleans, then rinse and repeat.

 Manola Gonzalez

Manola Gonzalez - ContributorManola Gonzalez, originally from San Diego, is a Penn grad transplanted to New Orleans. She is an avid reader, culture junkie, and probably talks faster than anyone you know. You can learn more about maNOLA via her Instagram and Twitter.

Jen Kaplan

Jen Kaplan - ContributorJen is a Chicago native living in New Orleans for 6+ years. A dedicated teacher by day and adventurist by night. Jen enjoys yoga, gallery hopping, and her maltese mix Jerry. Check her out here.

Morgan Bachemin

Morgan Bachemin - ContrubutorA long-time New Orleanian and graduate from UNO interested in all things artistic, alcoholic and altruistic. Morgan enjoys exploring New Orleans, finding budget-friendly fun and petting every dog she sees. Check her out here.

Olivia Martzell

Olivia Martzell - ContributorOlivia Martzell is a NOLA girl, born at Baptist Hospital before it was Ochsner. After receiving her Bachelor’s in Mass Communication and Liberal Arts,Olivia returned to New Orleans to start her fashion blog, “Maison de Martzell”, which is designed to inspire others through fashion. An avid traveler who vows to get her dogs a passport, Olivia hopes to one day collaborate as a writer with a French fashion house. Read her fashion blog here.

 Alyssa Braden

Alyssa Braden - ContributorAlyssa is a native Texan who started her love affair with New Orleans 3+ years ago when the city stole her heart and convinced her taste buds to never leave. A PR gal, brunch enthusiast, travel addict and occasional artist, she can usually be found strolling around the Garden District with a cocktail in hand or planning her next adventure. Check her out here.


imageDominique is a native New Orleanian navigating the advertising world. She loves cold drip iced coffee and is a firm believer of the motto, “When in doubt, vacation.” An amateur chef and avid adventurer, she loves everything the Big Easy has to offer. Check her out here.

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