5 Last-Minute NOLAween Costumes

Nolaween is fast approaching. Between Voodoo Festival, the massive crowds who flock to Bourbon and Frenchmen St. on Halloween night; and an abundance of amazing parties, New Orleans is one of the best cities in the U.S. to celebrate the holiday.

Costuming is a NOLA babes favorite sport and we don’t do it half-assed. If you plan on doing Halloween in the Big Easy, your costume better be on point!

Haven’t bought a costume yet? These NOLA-themed costumes are sure to win the crowds over on Halloween night. The best part is, they can all be put together by purchasing pieces and parts from local craft stores, some of the awesome costume shops New Orleans has to offer like Miss Claudia’s, Fifi Mahony’s and New Orleans Party and Costume; and even from recycled items in your home like old Mardi Gras beads!

The beignet to my cafe au lait

Beignet Costume New Orleans

A babe favorite, this costume can be made sexy, done as a couple, or as a group with an entourage of loyal beignets.

Beignet Costume NOLA

NOLA Couples Costume

Don’t have too much to drink or you may end up like the last little guy, passed out in his wagon!

Cafe Du Monde Costume

New Orleans Saints players, fans or cheerleaders

For the last-minute planner–we know you already have a Saints jersey, gold pom-poms and glitter lying around so this costume should be easy to throw together!

Sexy NFL Costume

NFL Halloween Costume

Make it scary by painting your face with black and white sugar skull makeup. See how here.

Voodoo NOLA Saints

The Spice Girls, NOLA style

As NOLA babes, you and your girlfriends are already spicy ladies. Pick your favorite Louisiana spice, buy some felt, glitter, and metallic leggings and you are good to go!

Spice Girls Costume NOLA

Louisiana Spice Girls

Bonus: want your boyfriend to be the hot sauce to your spice girls? Mr. Tabasco isn’t too bad himself!

Tabasco Costume

A Voodoo doll

As a part of New Orleans history and something with a bit of spook surrounding it, voodoo dolls make the perfect Nolaween costume. Make a dress from a burlap sack, a heart from felt and be sure to perfect your eerie make-up.

Voodoo New Orleans Costume

Voodoo Doll Costume

Zapp’s potato chips

A NOLA babe’s favorite chip, you’ll have to fight us for the last Voodoo Gumbo Zapp in the bag! For this costume, you probably already have what you need laying around. Pull out your Mardi Gras beads from last season and eats all the Zapp’s in your pantry and you’re halfway there!

Zapps Chips Girl NOLA

NOLA Costume Ideas

Lagniappe: pick up a colored afro wig from your local wig shop and dress as a New Orleans Sno ball, or make a babe version of a beautiful Mardi Gras indian!

Did we leave out any costume ideas that you and your girlfriends have rocked in the past? Add them in the comments.

Have a fabulous and safe Nolaween babes!


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