20 Signs You’re a Basic New Orleans Babe

We’ve all heard of the pumpkin-spice loving, Ugg boot wearing basic babe, but have you ever thought about what makes a NOLA girl basic? We’re here to discuss just that!

We don’t deny that the girls of Babes & Beignets love froyo and cupcakes, and can quote Mean Girls at the drop of a hat; and when it comes to being a NOLA basic babe, we are preauxs!

If you meet at least 5 of these criteria, congrats!  You too are a NOLA basic babe. Don’t sweat it. We like to think NOLA ladies are a step above your average basic babe so say it loud and proud!

Caution: these traits may apply to babes all over Louisiana.

20. You own an oversized Perlis Mardi Gras polo.

These are the NOLA basic babe uniform during carnival season. Pair it with leggings and your best pair of Uggs and you’re ready to geaux!

New Orleans Basic Bitch Babe Mardi Grad Perlis Shirt

19. The Fleur De Lis tattoo.

This is the NOLA (and Louisiana in general) babe trademark. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tramp stamp or a wrist tat, you’re bound to see Fleur De Lis ink on babes all over the city.

Fleur De Lis Tattoo New Orleans Basic Bitch Babes and Beignets

18. You only drink Abita Strawberry with your crawfish.

Crawfish Beer Abita Strawberry New Orleans Basic Babe

17. Rebirth Brass Band and Trombone Shorty are YOUR jam.

You’re a local after all.

rebirth brass band new orleans maison frenchmen street basic babes and beignets

16. The extra room  or closet in your house is for all of your costumes.

I mean there’s Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Red Dress Run, Nolaween, just to name a few.

Only in New Orleans Costumes Parties Mardi Gras

15. That reminds us, you and your girlfriends only refer to Halloween as #Nolaween.

Halloween Nolaween New Orleans Babes and Beignets Basic

14. Cheese Fries at F & M’s on Saturday night are “your” thing

…and not too long ago a slice of pizza from The Boot was.

F & M's patio Bar Cheese Fries

13. You own an oversized Saints jersey,

or just one of those cute New Orleans Saints tops from Fleurty Girl.

New Orleans Saint Jersey Oversized Basic Babe Blog

12. Like your average basic babe, you and your girlfriends love brunch.

The only difference is our brunches consist of DIY bloody mary bars like the one at Atchafalaya, and Benedict’s over crab cakes or topped with oysters (like at Stanley) instead of ham. And, bottomless brunch at Salu is your jam. 

New Orleans Brunch Bloody Mary Bar Atchafalaya Babes Basic Girlfriends

11. You own one of those cute little gold necklaces that says “NOLA” or “Louisiana”

from a Magazine St. boutique such as Jean Therapy.

Nola Gold Necklace New Orleans Basic

10. You live for Taco Tuesday at The Rum House 

Taco Tuesday New Orleans Rum House Basic Babes

9. You or someone in your family has been Mardi Gras royalty before.

Endymion Mardi Gras New Orleans Royalty Basic Bitch

8. You own a pair of KREWE Du Optic sunglasses,

…or at least they’re on your wish list.

Basic Krewe Du Optic New Orleans Sunglasses

7. When craving something sweet you…

Visit Sucre for a macarron, Hansen’s for a snowball or District for a donut and of course, post on insta about it.

Sucre New Orleans Bakery Ice Cream Macaroon Shop Pastry Bakery

6. You only sip vino at home from your Louisiana Govino glasses.White Wine Babes Girls Basic New Orleans Louisiana Go Vino Glasses

5. You own at least one thing with the New Orleans water meter on it

Water Meter New Orleans Basic

4. You and your friends end everything in “eaux.”

New Orleans slang geaux

3. Wine and cheese at Bacchanal is your go-to girl’s night.

Girls Night Bacchanal New Orleans Wine and cheese

2. You named your pooch NOLA, Roux, Gumbeaux, Brees, Rex or Zulu.

New Orleans dogs Gumbeaux

1. You love glitter more than the average babe.

It’s not a crime, we have more reasons to wear it!

Babes and Beignet New Orleans Glitter Mardi Gras



Nola Love New Orleans Louisiana Instagram Basic Babe

We love our city and our NOLA babes! If we missed anything that you think makes a NOLA basic babe, please add it in the comments!

Babes & Beignets

  1. Babes,

    Loved this! I do some of these, but this article made me realize I still have a lot to learn. It’s all good. #nolalove

    P.S. I *DO* have a NOLA necklace in silver! (So fetch!)


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