summer new orleans

8 New Orleans Summer Struggles

There’s a reason summertime is Nola’s least busy season for tourism. The heat is NO JOKE this time of the year. Of course, we don’t stop the party over a little heat.…

The TV Show We Love To Hate is Back

Welcome back to New Orleans, or shall I say, Bravo’s interpretation of New Orleans. I know, I am just as shocked as you are to see another season of this show air,…

strawberry margarita popsicle

Boozy Popsicles Recipe

It’s gonna be another hot one babes! One of our keys to surviving New Orleans’ summers is consuming our alcohol intake as many frozen forms as possible. If we’re out and about, you’ll find…

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tchoup yard

A Guide To Day Drinking in New Orleans

In New Orleans, you can drink from sunrise to sunset, indoors and outdoors, from January 1st to December 31st. Here, it’s always a party. With spring here, it’s patio season and we’re…


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