new orleans halloween 2017

What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

Halloween, or NOLA-ween as we like to call it, is almost here and we can’t wait! We’re so ready to have a fabulous house party with cheese and crackers for 8 people,…

The New Orleans 10 Commandments

We all live by our own set of rules. Whether they are based off of le bible, the values our parents raised us with, or living by no rules at all, our…


Badass Babes: A Q&A with Crystal Hinds

🍾 Everyday is a good day for champagne 🍾 Crystal Hinds was born into a French and Italian family in Louisiana in the 1960’s. She has always associated champagne and sparkling wine with celebration, happiness,…

scary movies 2017

Scary Movies To Watch This October

Our favorite month of the year is here: October. Not only is October 3rd one of our favorite days ever, but the coming of the 10th month of the year means that…

White Wine Sangria recipe

Wine Not: Fall White Wine Sangría

Wine is great for any occasion. Monday blues? Wine. Tuesday Boozeday? Wine. Wine Wednesday? Duh. You get the picture. I became obsessed with sangría when studying abroad in Barcelona and I’m always looking…

omni dallas reviews

A Weekend Getaway To Dallas

By Alessandra Y’all know I love Texas. So, when I saw roundtrip tickets for less that $150 to Dallas, a city I had yet to explore, I didn’t even think twice before…

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commanders palace

Best Date Night Restaurants in New Orleans

Wining and dining is obvs the best part of dating. If it’s a blind date, you probably aren’t ready to make the commitment to a full dinner. You could find out he is…


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