7 Tips for Women Entrepreneurs to Stay on Track

Being a young woman finding your career path in New Orleans is a roller coaster ride, but it can also be really exciting! You’ve probably heard the term “side hustle.” So many young professionals have one today, to devote time to their true passion or just make extra cash. Maybe you’re already a young business owner devoted full-time to your passion – you go girl! Either way, here’s a few of our tips for staying on track as young entrepreneurs in a city where there are {more than} quite a few distractions.

Find Your Passion

Being young is all about finding your passion. While some hate on millennials for being stuck to our cell phones or whatever it may be, we think our generation is inspirational. We are naturally entrepreneurial in spirit – that’s because technology has made the possibilities of what you can do today truly endless. Find something that makes you feel enthusiastic about life. For us, that’s writing about our passion for New Orleans, its amazing people and businesses.

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Make a Daily To-Do List & Stick To It

Yes – having more than one gig can be stressful, but staying organized and on top of both (or even just the one) is essential to success. Planners, post-it notes, and Google Cal are our best friends.

pj's coffee maple street

pj's red velvet

Locate Your Zen Place

Although working while still wearing your pajamas is glorious, some of us aren’t able to concentrate at home. Finding the place you are able to be the most productive is a must for any babe entrepreneur.

Venture around The Big Easy with your laptop and your planner until you find your spot. Trust us, it will make all the difference!

pj's coffee new orleans
A corner on any of the PJ’s Coffee locations always does the trick for us.
coffee shop new orleans
As the days get longer, we’ll be spending more time working outdoors.

Although we appreciate the variety of the different coffee shops we go to, our Zen place is either the beautiful and hip PJ’s Coffee on Magazine Street, or the relaxed vibe of the PJ’s on Maple Street.

Realize That Caffeine Is Your Friend

We really don’t know how some people make it through life without coffee. Whether it’s the taste, the aroma, or the actual caffeine, we can’t live without a good cup of coffee. Caffeine is your friend. Plain and simple.

Though we don’t recommend drinking coffee until you get the shakes, a tasty cup of Joe in the morning and one to refuel you in the afternoon will keep you energized and on top of your game all day every day.

pj's coffee magazine street
Life begins after coffee.
pj's coffee new orleans
Daytime turns nighttime very fast when you’re a woman entrepreneur!

Expand Your Network

You can never do enough of learning from others who have successfully pursued their dreams. We are constantly talking to other women entrepreneurs to learn more about their success stories, their failures, and seek advice. Go to networking events, to conferences, and connect on social media. The more connecting you do, the more it will pay off.  Don’t forget to come see us on March 23rd at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week!

Take Breaks

Ever heard of work-life balance? Believe us, you’ll have less of it if you are doing the “side-hustle” thing, but it’s still essential to enjoy yourself every once in a while. If you’re like us, your side hustle will be a big part of the time you get to enjoy. This is New Orleans after all. Make work hard, play hard your motto.

Also find time to take care of yourself and your health. We like to do power yoga a few times a week to relax our bodies and minds. And if you follow us, you know we have plenty of fun as well.

higher power nola yoga new orleans

Don’t Forget To Treat Yourself For a Job Well Done

Or just for getting through the day. One of our favorite ways to treat ourselves that we have recently discovered is the new Red Velvet Cake Blend at PJ’s Coffee, based on one of our favorite southern staples, red velvet cake. You can get this meld of chocolate and vanilla crème hot, iced, or frozen at any PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. We were kind of sad to realize it will only be available for a limited time, until April 30th. Looks like we will be frequenting PJ’s to get our work done this spring!

pj's red velvet coffee
You can also buy the beans by the bag if you want to take this delicious flavor home.
Pj's Coffee Red Velvet
Two of our favorite things. Combined in a cup!
pj's red velvet blend
Who run the world?! Girls (and Red Velvet Cake Blend Coffee from PJ’s).
pj's red velvet
You know what pairs well with Red Velvet? More chocolate treats.

We want to hear from you. How do you Girl Bosses stay fueled during the work week? What’s your favorite PJ’s treat?


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This post was sponsored by PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans. All opinions are our own.

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