Doing Jazz Fest Like A Pro Part III: What To Eat

Jazz Fest is well underway! We aren’t heading to the Fairgrounds until the second weekend. So, in the meantime, we’ve just been ogling all of the food porn on Instagram and planning out our menu for the fest next weekend.

In part 3 of our Jazz Fest series, we’re sharing everything we are most excited to eat. From the classics, to the newbies at the festival, we have already started saving up room!

Crawfish Everything

Cheesy #crawfishbread #jazzfest #neworleans

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Obligatory Crawfish Monica pic👅🍤 #jazzfest2015 #noms

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Crawfish enchiladas never disappoint. So damn good! 🦐🍴

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The Famous Trio Plate gives you a little taste of three different divine crawfish fest foods.


Beignets (obvs)


Po Boys

The grand finale 🙌❤️ #softshellcrab #poboy #jazzfest #nola #yum

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#cochondelaitpoboy #jazzfest2016

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Cuban Food

Each year, Jazz Fest highlights a different country in the International Pavilion. This year they will be celebrating Cuban culture including music, and lots of mouthwatering Cuban eats are making their festival debut.

Cuban noms! #jazzfest #jazzfesteats #cubano

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Don’t Forget The Drinks

You’ll need something to stay cool and hydrated on the fest grounds!

#2 recommendation by the local – mango freeze

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Delicious #strawberrylemonade at #jazzfest ! So good after the heat of the day! #jazzfest2017

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Rum punch 151 and gospel tent. hallelujah. Thank you @jazzfest 👏🏼

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Great idea (sparkling wine in a can) – terrible reality.

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#ProTip: Add this to your Mango Freeze & make a mango-mosa! 😉

This is only a small glimpse at the food scene Jazz Fest has to offer. Check out their full food line up here. If you missed Part I and II in our Jazz Fest series, learn how to dress to fest like a pro here, and how to attend on a budget here.

Did we miss you favorite fest food? Let us know in the comments. Hope to see you there next weekend babes!


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