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Aside from eating the best things around town, traveling is my passion. From a quick getaway to Cabo to spending a romantic weekend in Rome, it’s literally what I live for. And no, I don’t make a sh*t ton of money, nor do I have thousands of dollars in credit card debt; I just know how to look for good flight deals and pick destinations that are budget friendly.

monserrate bogota

If you’re looking for your next vaycay destination or if you want to propose that your next bachelorette party takes place outside of NOLA, Vegas or Miami, keep reading. Bogotá is THE city in South America that should be at the top of your list for your next vacation.

How To Get There (For Cheap!)

How did I decide on Bogotá? I was up late one night and found myself going on Google Flights and Kayak, dreaming of a quick break from the NOLA life. I have already been to Europe and The Caribbean this year (plus, you don’t want to find yourself in The Caribbean during hurricane season #ProTip), and what do you know: tickets to Bogotá, Colombia from MSY were only $300 RT on Spirit Airlines.

Before you hate on Spirit Airlines, let me tell you this: Spirit gets you places and for cheap. Beggars can’t be choosers and to be honest, all the major legacy airlines have always given me trouble and Spirit has not, so far. I also got the Spirit Airlines Mastercard which comes with a variety of promotions and miles, and gives me more flexibility for award travel.

Don’t forget: Spirit’s fares do not include any bags, so be prepared to pay an additional $50-60 RT for carry ons or checked bags.

Where To Stay

I prefer boutique hotels over chain hotels, they are always just cuter and the service is (usually) way better. When searching for hotels for my trip to BOG, I stumbled upon a NYTimes article that mentioned Click Clack Hotel: “Staying here could make any guests feel as if they belonged in the jet set, and the service and high-design, witty touches make for a memorably fun visit.”

Click clack hotel

Plus, just by looking at their website, I knew it was THE place for me.

click clack hotel review 2017

Aside from the minimal, sleek rooms (at only about $100/night), the Click Clack has a ton of other perks:

  • Free Breakfast (and it’s not your average continental breakfast)
  • Delicious picnics brought up to your room
  • It’s THE place to brunch in Bogotá, people make reservations months in advance
  • It’s walking distance to some of the trendiest bars and restaurants
  • They have a BMW car service you can reserve for tours

click clack hotel breakfast

Where To Eat & Drink

Bogotá’s culinary scene is thriving, from rooftop bars to the eclectic restaurants that are also night clubs, you will not get bored of eating and partying in this fabulous city.

Lunch At La Diva Pizzeria

la diva pizzeria bogota

This has got to be the cutest pizzeria I’ve ever been in. It’s cozy and the decor is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, pizza is always a good idea (hello hangover cure).

la diva pizzeria bogota

Drinks at Apache

apache bogota

Apache is the perfect place to unwind after a full day of touring Bogotá. Start off your night at this trendy rooftop bar (it’s on the top floor of Click Clack Hotel – yet another reason to stay here) and get a pitcher of their watermelon and jalapeño cocktail

Dinner at Black Bear Cocina

black bear bogota review

I cannot say enough good things about dining at Black Bear, from the complimentary freshly baked squid ink bread, to their delicious cocktails and fantastic food. You’ll love every second at Black Bear. Make sure you have a reservation, it gets pretty packed on the weekends.

black bear bogota

black bear bogota

Dinner and Drinks Till 3am at Andrés Carne De Res

what to do bogota 2017

You cannot go to Bogotá and not go to Andrés. Prepare for a 1 hour journey out to Chía, Colombia to enter this strange yet magical place of great food and booze. Andrés Carne De Res can’t really be described, you just HAVE TO go.

mandarino andres carne de res
Be sure to have a Mandarino drink!

Brunch At Cien Gramos

click clack brunch

This is the restaurant that’s on the bottom floor at Click Clack. Starting at 11:00AM, people begin lining up inside the hotel’s lobby and the line goes out to the street. Be sure to have a reservation or you’ll miss out on this all you can eat and drink $30 brunch.

click clack brunch

click clack brunch

You Gotta Have Some Juan Valdez

juan valdez parque 93

It’s the Colombian equivalent of Starbucks, but with better coffee and even better treats. Take some coffee back with you, trust us you’ll be really sad if you don’t.

What To Do

Bogotá is a really big city, and with lots of traffic. They have a weird situation with Uber and people take it but don’t say it out loud. We recommend you just do that and avoid taxis. If you’re staying at the Click Clack you can also reserve their BMW shuttles (which have wifi inside the car #yas) for outings such as Zipaquirá and Andrés Carne De Res.

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Tour The City Center

Wake up early and start off your day by tasting the famous ajiaco soup at La Puerta Falsa. Then take a stroll down the cobblestoned downtown area called La Candelaria, which features colonial-era landmarks like Plaza Bolivar and the 17th-century Iglesia de San Francisco.

ajiaco bogota

Bogota things to do 2017

gold museum bogota

Visit two fantastic museums while you’re down there: Museo Botero, showcasing Fernando Botero’s art (don’t know who he is? I’m sure you’ll recognize this), and the Museo del Oro, which displays pre-Columbian gold pieces.

Go To Zipaquirá

About an hour/hour and a half from Bogotá, you’ll find the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá. A must do when you’re visiting the Colombian capital. This is a beautiful landmark located 180 meters underground.

zipaquira catedral de sal

Once you’re done with the tour, which takes about an hour, head over to El Libertador for lunch. Be warned, the servings are HUGE.


Zipaquira restaurant

Take The Cable Car To Monserrate

Monserrate is a mountain 3,152 metres above sea level, where there is a church with a shrine, devoted to El Señor Caído.


monserrate bogota

Monserrate is the most #InstaWorthy place you’ll visit in Bogotá, plus there is a market area for you to do all of your souvenir shopping. I recommend you take the cable car to the top of the mountain for great views of Bogotá!

monserrate bogota
Don’t forget to try obleas with arequipe!

Bar Hop around Zona T

I honestly cannot remember all of the bars we went to, but this was one of my favorite nights in Bogotá. It’s very safe to walk around, all of the bars are so much fun and don’t forget to order a bottle of Aguardiente!

babes and beignets blog

zona t bogota

Walk Around Parque De La 93

parque de la 93 bogota

Stroll around this beautiful park that’s surrounded by cute mini-boutiques. On Sundays, there’s usually live music and tons of activity around the park. It’s the perfect place to end your trip to Bogotá and relax before you travel back home.

What are you waiting for? Start booking your adventure to Bogotá now!


andres carne de res

PS: Don’t even mention that you watched Narcos recently when you go to Colombia; don’t look like the ignorant tourist! The country has changed so much since and those were very dark times that Colombians would prefer to not be reminded of.

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