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A Weekend Getaway To Dallas

By Alessandra Y’all know I love Texas. So, when I saw roundtrip tickets for less that $150 to Dallas, a city I had yet to explore, I didn’t even think twice before…

Your Guide To a NOLA Bachelorette

New Orleans is the top destination to have your bachelorette party. Why? The food scene is amazing, the alcohol is cheap, and you can walk with your drink from one bar to…


Fall for This Apple Crisp

Everyone is SO obsessed with pumpkin spice in the fall, that so many of the (possibly better) flavors of the season get overlooked. We love a good PSL, but why aren’t excellent…

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A Summer Staycation

Summertime in New Orleans is humid and hot AF. So naturally, we try to spend as much time as possible indoors with the AC cranked. There’s only so much you can do…

5 Easy Summer Reads

Ok, so maybe the summer is coming to an end, but if you’re like us, you are cramming in one last trip to the beach and will need some light reading to…

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Best Date Night Restaurants in New Orleans

Wining and dining is obvs the best part of dating. If it’s a blind date, you probably aren’t ready to make the commitment to a full dinner. You could find out he is…


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