healthy habits for 2019

5 Healthy Habits to Start in 2019

Every new year, most of us make resolutions that end up being a temporary pledge rather than a lifelong change in habit. In 2019, we encourage you to start incorporating more healthy…

King Cake Cocktail recipe

Shake Up A Mardi Gras Cocktail At Home

This week, we joined some of our favorite NOLA bloggers for a night of French King Cake, cocktails & other tasty eats at Meauxbar. We were introduced to a Mardi Gras cocktail…

Which Mardi Gras Ball Are You?

Going to a Mardi Gras ball at least once in your life is essential to check off your official “being a New Orleanian” bucket list. Luckily for you, there’s the right fit…

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queen cake gracious bakery

All of the King Cakes We’re Crushing On

It’s about that time again… time to break all of our New Year’s resolutions! We can’t help that king cake season falls right after the New Year. With Mardi Gras not until…


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